Corporate Property Management

You want to outsource some or all of your Corporate Property Management.

The Right Place The Right People

Latitude Properties Limited

Count on Latitude to:
DELIVER integrated real estate management services tailored to your business needs and goals
SUPPLY integrated, real estate solutions to improve occupancy, ROI and valuation
PROVIDE efficient day-to-day building operations, oversee necessary maintenance & repairs, perform inspections, and prepare ongoing budgets as well as monthly reports
REDUCE energy costs enabling buildings to operate more sustainably


Latitude buildings are more productive – facilities are operated safely, reliably, effectively and efficiently – inside and out.

Latitude manages small, medium, and large business facilities – light industry and high tech industrial – with a special focus on: retail plazas, freezer & cold storage facilities, truck terminals and industrial buildings.

Latitude will be proud to manage your:

  • Multi-use sites
  • Professional buildings
  • Institutional buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Research facilities
  • Factories
  • Developed lands
  • Vacant land
  • Strip malls
  • Industrial buildings